About Me

I, Himanshu Agarwal, am the initiator of this website and all the content shared on this site is the reflection of his awareness about the whereabouts, society and his concern for all issues around him. This is due to the profound, self motivated and proactive personality that I own.

I am adept in social and public relationships and have persuasive skills of a high order which has helped me in earning a good place on the field of banking and Insurance where I have been working for nearly a decade. This has made me well aware of the financial issues of the nation as well a good understanding of entrepreneurship and investments.

I have rocked the field of insurance and with my hard work and determination and enjoy communication through the internet, sharing interesting stuff with my friends, putting in extra efforts and keeping myself busy at all times. I enjoy working with others and am able to work unsupervised. I have excellent communication skills and telephone techniques. I am reliable, I strive to always keep a positive attitude and have the ability to learn quickly.

As my basic functions, I consider to have in me cultural team work as a quality and a culture of productivity. The domain of techniques and strategies in selling planifications are the most important where I work in continuation for pursuance of goals.